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A dog park rules sign

Providing Information and Presentations – Dr. Glasser can clearly articulate and discuss the many dog park topics in any type of meeting or presentation setting. Topics include the benefits of community dog parks, rules, maintenance, components and amenities, signage and site considerations. In addition to addressing groups in a meeting format, Dr. Glasser can provide slide presentations (See dog park slide presentation below for description) that exhibit visual examples of the many elements of dog parks. A ”Question and Answer” session always follows all presentations.

Professional Education Services – In addition to community oriented meetings, Dr. Glasser can provide administration, supervisory staff or maintenance personnel with information relating to needed maintenance tasks, operations and management concerns.

Site Evaluation – Using a “Criteria for Potential Dog Park Sites” evaluation form developed by Dr. Glasser, potential sites can be easily assessed and compared. Criteria examples include size, neighbors, parking, accessibility, topography and access to water.

Design Dr. Glasser sketches designs, or re-designs, for dog parks, tailoring all work to site size, identified perimeters and other features as required. If requested, an artist can provide a full color rendering of the proposed dog park (“complete with an assortment of dogs and owners!”) based on the site specific sketches (communities often find these pictures to be particularly helpful in relation to fundraising).

Dog Park Etiquette – This brochure discusses the variety of behaviors all human-dog park users should exhibit to maximize the safety and benefits of a dog park experience.  Copies can easily be made and can be distributed to users to enhance dog park usage and enjoyment.

Troubleshooting Dr. Glasser can assist communities with dog park concerns, issues and challenges.

Rules Development – Utilizing a list of the important, basic rules ALL dog parks should have, and always prioritizing safety, Dr. Glasser customizes dog park rules according to site specific concerns and community needs and wants.

Dog Park Evaluation – For communities that have an existing dog park and are perhaps considering improvements, this service can be especially helpful. Areas needing upgrading or modifications can be identified. Evaluative reports are provided as detailed documents providing specific information and recommendations tailored to address a community’s needs for realistic planning and budgeting.

Maintenance – Dr. Glasser always prefers maintenance staff to be included in relation to planning, design and operation of community dog parks. She can assist and advise these individuals on many important dog park topics, especially with site and usage concerns. The importance of supporting and working with these individuals cannot be underestimated.

Component Needs and Selection – When planning a new dog park or renovating an existing one, component selection is very important. Assistance and recommendations can be provided in relation to obtaining needed items; examples include benches, fencing and gates, waste bag stations, water fountains and waste cans. All needed components must, of course, be commercial, not residential, products and Dr. Glasser can provide many resources from which to choose.

Fundraising – If funds need to be raised for a dog park to become a reality, Dr. Glasser can offer suggestions and contacts to assist communities with their fundraising endeavors.

Grand Opening Events – Communities are encouraged to offer their constituents a gala welcome to dog park users when a new dog park opens (or re-opens following renovations). Many suggestions of features, programs and exhibits can be made as well as examples of the most common highlights of dog park openings.

Programming – Utilizing a dog park for programs and events can make for particularly enjoyable community opportunities. Whether obedience training, Halloween Costume Contest, Photos with Santa Claws or Doggy Birthday Parties, many fun dog-related activities can be conducted in a dog park. Dog owners love these programs and Dr. Glasser can provide suggestions.

Dog Park LitigationConsulting services for litigation involving dog park incidents can be provided. Dr. Glasser works with attorneys and has proved helpful in identifying circumstances and concerns most would be unfamiliar with and unaware of otherwise. As required, formal reports are prepared and submitted after information is provided and appropriately reviewed.

Have Dr. Glasser come to YOUR site!

For a FREE on-site initial consultation, Dr. Glasser will come to your location, meet with facilitators and supporters, answer questions and visit your proposed dog park locations. Only transportation costs will be requested (if driving, the standard automobile mileage rate will apply). For communities within 100 miles of Brewster, NY, transportation costs are NOT charged! Dr. Glasser is happy to meet with you and your group for a daytime, evening or even weekend visit. She’ll provide you with plenty of information and inspire lots of enthusiasm to encourage the creation of a safe, quality dog park in YOUR community!

Over many years, Dr. Glasser has dealt with a variety of consulting services and requests and she will happily offer her expertise and experience with virtually ANY dog related matter, issue or project. Indeed, she looks forward to assisting communities and individuals with any and all dog park needs.


Dog Park Slide Presentations

Available for meetings, community groups, dog park education, etc. – For ANYONE needing to learn about dog parks!

“Dog Parks 101”

This program was developed by Dr. Glasser to provide a straight-forward, easy-to-understand, but comprehensive, introduction to dog parks. It covers the many community benefits of dog parks, the various components of a dog park, maintenance needs, dog park rules and other related topics for those seeking information about these wonderful facilities. The presentation also includes dozens of illustrative photographs.

“The Essential Components of a Community Dog Park”

This presentation, a follow-up to “Dog Parks 101”, was developed to present the basic minimum components required that makes a space a dog park; but without any “bells and whistles”. Even when a dog park is created with just these essential components, residents will often feel that their community dog park is one of the “bells and whistles” of their entire park system! These components are the basics necessary that must be included to create a SAFE, quality, off-lease area that provides all the benefits of a dog park and minimizes maintenance and other operational concerns.