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We are a firm providing quality dog park consulting services for communities of all types.   Our president, Dr. Glasser, can provide assistance by answering a single question about dog parks right through providing comprehensive expertise with an entire dog park project; and, of course, we can help with everything in between!

Please take a look at the information here on our website – you can review “Dog Park Basics”, our broad list of services and check out Dr. Glasser’s book, “Dog Park Design, Development and Operation”, the first professional book on creating safe, quality dog parks.  You should be able to locate the type of information you’re seeking and much more!

Dog Park Concepts and Consulting, Inc. president, Marilynn R. Glasser, Ed.D., is a parks and recreation professional with over 35 years of experience, including administration, college teaching and consulting.  Dr. Glasser is an active member of the National Recreation and Park Association, the New York State Recreation and Park Society and the Westchester Recreation and Park Society.  She has conducted numerous educational sessions at professional association conferences and has held both elected and appointed positions in the state and regional associations.  She has authored many articles in professional publications and wrote, “Dog Park Design, Development, and Operation”, the first professional book on creating safe, quality dog parks.

Retired from her many years as a municipal recreation administrator, Dr. Glasser continues to teach both undergrad and graduate college courses in parks and recreation as an adjunct assistant professor.  She resides in Patterson, NY, about an hour’s drive north of New York City.  She and her spouse often travel the east coast, spending time on Cape Cod and in Florida.  She plays golf, enjoys fresh water fishing and loves nature.  She is, of course, a pet lover and has had dogs and cats all her life.  She’s an art deco enthusiast, an antique collector, and she plays guitar. She enjoys many types of outdoor events – especially flea markets, art shows, concerts and classic car shows.  She has also served as a volunteer with several local organizations.

Though Dr. Glasser launched her consulting work with passion, enthusiasm and determination, it is her pleasure to provide services that assist clients with their dog park needs!

Have Dr. Glasser come to YOUR site!

For a FREE on-site initial consultation, Dr. Glasser will come to your location, meet with facilitators and supporters, answer questions and visit your proposed dog park locations. Only transportation costs will be requested (if driving, the standard automobile mileage rate will apply). For communities within 100 miles of Brewster, NY, transportation costs are NOT charged! Dr. Glasser is happy to meet with you and your group for a daytime, evening or even weekend visit. She’ll provide you with plenty of information and inspire lots of enthusiasm to encourage the creation of a safe, quality dog park in YOUR community!

Mission & Goal

Dr. Marilynn R. Glasser

The MISSION of Dog Park Concepts and Consulting, Inc. is to provide quality, professional information and services to those seeking assistance pertaining to dog parks through presentations, resource materials, facility design support, education and training, troubleshooting and evaluative reporting.  These services are always custom tailored to meet clients’ needs with a “best practices” approach to achieve effective, cost-conscious recommendations, always prioritizing safety.

The GOAL of Dog Park Concepts and Consulting, Inc. is to fulfill clients’ dog park needs by providing a straight-forward, uncomplicated approach to get the job done in the best possible way, in the least possible amount of time and at the lowest possible cost.  We like to see a job done right – the first time!


Dog Parks Design, Development, and Operation
This is the first professional dog park “how-to” book!

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