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Dog Parks Design, Development, and Operation

This is the first professional dog park “how-to” book!

“Dog Park Design, Development, and Operation”, authored by Dr. Glasser, is the only professional book about creating safe, quality dog parks.  It can be used by professionals and community residents alike to guide them, step-by-step, to develop a dog park facility, with a budget conscious approach, that the community will appreciate and happily utilize.



“As a source of proven success, “Dog Park Design, Development, and Operation”, offers guidance on creating a facility as well as information on management, maintenance, marketing and evaluation.  With photos and insightful stories of the author’s experiences, Dog Park Design, Development, and Operation can help you create a professional quality community facility filled with smiling faces and wagging tails”  – Human Kinetics, Publisher

“Marilynn R. Glasser, author of “Dog Park Design, Development, and Operation”,  provides a step-by-step process that is easy to understand and offers wise words of wisdom to help you avoid common problems….extremely impressed by how thorough “Dog Park Design, Development, and Organization” was on the topic of actually building a dog park.  It’s complete with plenty of pictures, examples, rules to consider, and war stories.  There’s even a checklist in the back of the book to make sure all of the bases are covered.  And what I like most about the book is that it is well-written in a simple, easily understandable format.  It’s not overly technical or full of jargon..” – R.B.

“In “Dog Park Design, Development, and Operation” you’ll learn how to make your dog park a reality from concept to opening celebration and beyond. Find step-by-step guidance plus information on location considerations, community benefits, maintenance concerns, design options, amenities, suggested rules, and even program opportunities. More than 90 photos from dog parks across the United States illustrate the various equipment, features, and programming that make dog parks an asset in any community.   Author Marilynn R. Glasser, an experienced dog park consultant, shares her insight into some of the challenges and resistance you might encounter in developing a dog park—and their possible solutions. Her often humorous experiences illustrate the importance of following best practices when developing your community dog park. – Amazon