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Dog Park Basics

So what exactly IS a dog park?

 A dog park is essentially a fenced enclosure for dog owners to exercise and socialize their dogs safely off-leash.  There are a variety of needed components and design nuances that enable the facility to be safe, convenient and self-enforcing by communities of all types.  Over time, throughout the country, much has been determined about the best ways to design and operate dog parks as they have clearly become important, valued additions to communities’ recreation facilities and park systems.  Dr. Glasser’s expertise and experience has led her to become a dedicated, genuine dog park enthusiast and extremely knowledgeable about the concept, design, components, amenities, benefits, operation, rules, signage and maintenance.  Her motto, “Do your dog park right!”, means focusing on the proven “best practices” and essentials, without overspending, and avoiding the common errors communities often make when developing a new dog park.
Dr. Glasser has visited dog parks in many different states and has communicated with both supervisors and users of dog parks.   Dog parks are one of those rare “everybody wins” types of entities.  They bring people together from all walks of life since dog owners are as varied a group as can be – different backgrounds, different cultures, different ages, different income levels and so on.  Dog parks even enable some people to enjoy dog ownership that would not otherwise be able to do so – such as those who may be physically unable to walk a dog.

Plus, dog parks can be among the least expensive, yet most appreciated, facilities a community can create.  Dr. Glasser assists communities of all types with the development of quality dog parks, providing guidance from conception through completion.  In addition to her knowledge, passion and interest in these facilities, she is also a realist and understands that there are many people still unfamiliar with dog parks and unaware of the concept’s many community benefits.

Perhaps the most important benefit of a dog park, however, is that they provide a valid, appreciated service to a legitimate, substantial constituency – the many dog owners found in all communities!  It’s also important to point out that, in most communities, there are more dog owners that could and would utilize a dog park, than the community’s ballplayers, soccer players, swimmers, tennis players and so on, put together!