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The “Guess-ti-Mate”

The Guess-ti-Mate

This new product, “The Guess-ti-Mate”, is a ”Guess How Many” contest display unit for agencies, libraries, schools and all types of businesses. The unit is a clear, compact, acrylic display that shows items to be counted, small compartments for the guess slip forms and a section with a slot in the top for entrants to place their completed guess slips. The top of the unit contains the display flyer indicating the contest sponsor name, the prize being offered and the directions, “Guess how many…are in this display!” Quality pens are attached on either side of the unit to make participation simple and quick. The Guess-ti-Mate can be placed on a counter in an office, shop, restaurant or any type facility inviting all to “take a guess” and maybe win a prize! It creates good will, friendly competition and is an easy, fun attraction for any agency or business!

The Guess-ti-Mate is approximately 20 inches in height to accommodate a regular 8½” x 11” sheet for the display flyer and the base less than 9 inches square – it takes up very little counter space but can make for a colorful, exciting, yet easily set up agency feature.

Some of the additional benefits of the “Guess-ti-Mate”:

  • Many, many different items can be placed in the display for contest participants to count!
  • Contests can be conducted monthly, weekly or for special events!
  • It’s applicable to MANY types of themes – special sales or promotions, holidays, community happenings, sports, virtually any theme at all!
  • The Guess-ti-Mate is manufactured here in the USA!
  • It’s a perfect opportunity for an agency co-sponsor – They get the visibility of their name on the display and can offer the prize for the contest winner!
  • The Guess-ti-Mate clearly publicizes the agency or department’s name providing visibility, public relations value as a simple, fun, community contest!
  • Most agencies, schools and businesses have everything they need to run a Guess-ti-Mate “Guess How Many” contest, on hand, RIGHT NOW – With a computer, printer and paper cutter, anyone can create the display sheet, make up and cut the guess slips and fill the front display section with items to be counted – Contest ready!
  • When collecting the submitted guess slips, valuable information can be collected for creating a mailing/email list of folks already coming to and utilizing the “Guess-ti-Mate’s” placement location!
  • The “Guess-ti-Mate” can also be used in a variety of other ways, such as for fundraising or collecting business cards – with some creativity, more terrific uses can be developed!
  • The “Guess-ti-Mate” is easy to store – the back panel slides out completely!

Each Guess-ti-Mate will come with a CD containing:

  • Sample Display Flyers
  • Contest Ideas
  • Sample Template for Guess Slips
  • Suggestion List of Items that can be Counted
  • Helpful Hints about using the “Guess-ti-Mate”
  • and more…
  • Current purchasers will be sent this CD as soon as it’s available, FREE OF CHARGE!
  • (Until then, hard copy samples of display flyers and guess slips templates will always be provided with purchases)

You can purchase a “Guess-ti-Mate” here.