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Whether it’s conducting functions featuring entertainment programs, special events entertainment, entertainment for senior citizens or camp entertainment, Dr. Glasser has done all that and more! She knows dozens of musicians and bands, clowns, puppeteers, jugglers, magicians, mimes, you name it! This area of her experience and expertise is indeed one of her favorites. Whatever type of entertainment is needed, she can usually not only find, but she can often offer several choices.

She has also been involved, over many years, with auditions programs for entertainers. Some have been specifically for children’s entertainment, some for adult audiences and many for all ages. Some of these have been competitive programs with the best entertainers receiving various types of contracts.

Via these opportunities, including much direct contact with entertainers, she has gained much insight about working with these professionals for optimal performances for a variety of audiences and settings. She is familiar with entertainers’ concerns and needs, staging, security and staffing, dealing with audiences, inclement weather alternatives for outdoor events, lighting and sound amplification.

Whether for a large scale show with multiple entertainers, a single act for a smaller scale event , a full series of entertainment over several weeks or a major presentation to highlight a holiday festival, Dr. Glasser can assist in all aspects from the initial concept and early planning through to completion, evaluation and, of course, the rave reviews!