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About Dr Glasser

Marilynn R. Glasser

In addition to Dr. Glasser’s professional credentials, she has many interests. Now, in retirement from her years as a municipal parks and recreation administrator, those interests have led to her passions being pursued in her Parks and Pastimes, Inc. work. Her love of pets, especially dogs, of course, relates to her dog park work. She has had several Labrador Retrievers, a retired racing Greyhound and currently has two “rescues”, a Labrador retriever mix and a Boston terrier mix. She also has two cats, calico sisters. They all mean the world to her!

Dr. Glasser resides in Patterson, NY, about an hour’s drive north of New York City. She and her spouse often travel the east coast, from Cape Cod to Florida, with the four pets, in a small motor home. She plays golf, likes fresh water fishing, loves nature, is an art deco enthusiast, and enjoys all sorts of outdoor events – especially concerts, art exhibits, flea markets and classic car shows. She’s a collector of items from the 1950’s and is the proud owner of the quintessential classic car, a turquoise and white 1957 Chevy BelAir convertible! (Her spouse owns a 1966 Ford Mustang convertible!). She has served on the Westchester County Historic Preservation Advisory Committees as well as the Advisory Committee of the Art Deco Society of New York.

In addition to the traditional one looks forward to retirement, Dr. Glasser wanted to focus on her professional passions, especially dog parks. Her concern with playground safety, too, led her to become a trainer for Playground Medic, a highly respected playground safety inspection, maintenance and repair company servicing playgrounds throughout the northeast. She has also continued her college teaching endeavors as an Assistant Professor of numerous parks, recreation and Leisure courses. Recently, she developed “The Guess-ti-Mate”, a clear laminate all-in-one display unit for “Guess how many…” contests to be marketed to parks and recreation agencies, libraries, businesses, community and recreation centers, shops, etc.; just about any place that has a counter that wants to offer its clientele a fun, simple activity!

Though Dr. Glasser launched Parks and Pastimes, Inc. with passion, enthusiasm and determination, and it is indeed a business, it is her pleasure to provide services that focus on “helping enhance quality of life” by assisting others with their parks and recreation needs.